What the Children say: 

“ I like my school because we learn interesting things. This year we learnt Ancient Mythology – I particularly loved learning about Ancient India. We also studied Geography and I really enjoyed doing a project on the Lake District and presenting it to my class and at a parent’s evening. I really enjoyed working on our play this year and always look forward to doing them.  I love working on my main lesson books because we can use colour and patterns to make them beautiful. I also enjoy the festivals and class camps.

Pupil Class 5

“ I like coming to Brighton Steiner School because there are no maths tests and it’s not boring. Playtimes are great and we have lots of festivals. I like the Maypole festival particularly.”

Pupil Class 2

What the Parents say: 

“Steiner education is very nurturing, from the Kindergarten years through the school. Children are seen for who they are and each child’s unique talents are able to emerge and they learn to use them to their advantage.  It is wonderful to see my children grow up understanding how things work, able to create things themselves, rather than just having to memorise information that is probably soon forgotten. Learning through doing, thinking outside the box and creativity, is, for me, the main advantage of Steiner education. I have seen my children grow in confidence and I feel they are very well equipped to go out into the real world, having developed eloquent communication and team work skills”

Parent (children in Class 5 and 7)

“Coming from Steiner education overseas, my daughter was welcomed into a community of learners where creativity, imagination, aesthetics and kindness are nurtured and celebrated. My daughter’s class teacher is dedicated, attentive and kind. She sees each and every child as a whole child – head, hands and heart. Brighton Steiner School is an oasis in today’s education landscape in the U.K.”

Parent (daughter in Class 2)

“We enrolled our daughter at the Brighton Steiner school, initially because we were impressed with the homely atmosphere of the school: where younger children bake bread and make soup with their teacher every week; where the seasons are noticed and celebrated; and where the class sizes are small and children are treated as individuals. As our daughter progressed to Class 2 (state school year 4), she has loved the gentle, fun way she has learned to read and write – at an age where she was ready to do so. There is much learning through singing and movement at Steiner and that’s fine by us. There is no school uniform as such, which is fine by our daughter! We are very happy for our daughter that she enjoys going to school (and misses it during the holidays!)”.

Parent (daughter in Class 2)

“I would recommend Brighton Steiner school to anyone looking for a holistic, child centred, creative, nurturing place for their child to learn. Both my daughters are thriving at the school and I have seen their confidence soar. They are naturally quiet children, but have been able to develop in a nurturing environment where their teacher knows them well. They feel confident to speak up, knowing they will be heard. The class environment is very supportive and cooperation is actively encouraged. The school is small so my children know almost everyone’s name and feel very safe there. The education really suits my children as there is an emphasis on creating beautiful, high quality work which they appreciate.  I often hear them contentedly singing songs from school at home and talking about their day. From a parent’s point of view, I appreciate easy access to the teacher to voice any concerns and the supportive Community.”

Parent (daughters in Class 2 and 5)

We made the decision for our son to join Brighton Steiner School at the end of year 4 in State education (2016). We were initially prompted to look into the school as the reality of making secondary school choices loomed ever closer.  At State school, our son was quiet and biddable and, as a consequence, was often overlooked in the classroom setting.  At home he was anxious, stressed and miserable. He worried about homework and worried about school.

We passed the school hoarding advertising an Brighton Open Evening and, from our initial introduction to the school, we were in no doubt whatsoever about enrolling our son. Both my husband and I did very well academically, but through our son, it has become evident to us that education cannot be measured on academic achievement alone. We have seen how our son’s capacity to learn has greatly increased, now that he feels comfortable and happy.

Our son has truly flourished in the Steiner school. He has grown in confidence and is happy and enthusiastic about coming to school each day. He is totally cared for and nurtured and in entrusting his care to the school, we can honestly say that when either of us drop him off at school, there is no sense of guilt or foreboding about what the day ahead may bring him.

We believe having this opportunity to learn in such a positive, creative and nurturing environment has contributed significantly to his becoming a well-rounded individual, rather than being required to conform to a rigid education system that does not necessarily cater for each individual child’s all round development.

Brighton Steiner School has truly been a revelation for us as a family and we would unreservedly recommend Steiner education to anyone interested in exploring an inclusive, responsive, nurturing educational setting for their child.

Parents (parents in class 5)