Accessibility Policy and Plan Jun 16

Access to education during absence on medical grounds policy Oct 15

Admissions Policy Mar 16

Administering Medicines Policy Oct 15

Allegation of Abuse against Staff Sept 16

Anti-bullying Policy Mar 16

Anti Racism Policy Nov 15

Anti-Radicalisation (Prevent) Policy Aug 15

Attendance Policy


Capability Policy & Procedure Mar 16

Child Protection Policy Sep 17

Confidentiality Policy Jan 16

Complaints Policy & Procedure

Curriculum Policy Feb 16

Cyberbullying Policy Feb 16


Data Protection Policy Oct 15

Disclosure and Barring Service Policy Oct 15

Dress Code Early Years

Dress Code Lower and Middle School Sept 15

Dress Code Upper School Sept 15


English as an Additional Language Policy

Early Years English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy Oct 15

Early Years Late Collection Policy Dec 15

Early Years Parent Partnership Policy Dec 15

Early Years Positive Behaviour Policy Mar 16

Early Years Settling-In Policy Jan 16

Early Years Staff Supervision Policy Feb 16

Early Years Working with Vulnerable and Challenging Families Policy Dec 15

Education Health and Care Policy Mar 16

E-Safety and Acceptable Use Policy Feb 16

Equalities and Diversity Policy Jan 16

Extra Art and Eurythmy recommendatiuons and Bursary provision Feb 16

Exclusion and Suspension Policy Mar 16

Extra Curricular Activities Policy Dec 15


Finance Policy Mar 16

First Aid Policy Jan 16

Food Policy Dec 15


Health and Safety Policy Feb 16


Image Use Policy


Leaving the Premises with Pupils Policy Dec 15


Manual Handling Policy Jan 16

Missing Child

Mobile Phones Policy Dec 16


No Shouting Policy Dec 15


Prevent Duty Policy Jan 16

Promoting Good Behaviour and Discipline Policy Mar 16

Pupil Equality Policy including Early Years Dept Sep 16

Pupil Records Policy Jan 16


Recruitment Policy Dec 15

Risk Management Policy Jan 16


Safeguarding Policy

School Closure Policy Oct 17School Trips Policy

Security Management Policy Feb 16


Social Media Policy

Sickness, Disease and Infection Control Policy Apr 16

Sick Children Policy Mar 16

Staff Discipline Policy Sep 15

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Oct 15


Universal Values Policy Feb 16

Use of Reasonable Force Policy Oct 15

Using Emergency Salbutamol Inhalers Policy Oct 15


Visitors Policy Mar 16

Visiting Teachers, Students Teachers, Volunteers and Work Placements Dec 15


Whistleblowing Policy Dec 15