What is a PTA?

A Parent and Teachers Association that represents the whole school community and gives an opportunity to parents to be more involved in school life. In our understanding a Steiner School is formed of trustees, College, Management, Teachers and Staff, Parents and friends working in close partnership to provide a safe and nurturing educational environment for our children. We believe that a PTA will strengthen our community by bringing everyone together.

What does the PTA do?

The PTA organises and facilitates social and fundraising events for parents and children. This creates opportunities for everyone to meet and get to know each other better. The funds raised provide extra resources for pupils, and go towards maintaining and improving school facilities. The PTA also creates an opportunity for parents to share their ideas on how to obtain and invest resources in order to constantly improve the school environment for our children.

How does the PTA work?

We have an active PTA committee who meet half termly in the evening. Parents and staff enjoy tea and biscuits and discuss fundraising, upcoming events and ideas on how to support our school.  Everyone is welcome to come along with fresh ideas or to support the old trusted fundraising events.  This helps parents to feel part of our school community, especially those who don’t come to school with their child regularly.

Meeting dates are displayed on posters around the school, as well as on the school’s newsletter and website. If you would like to come along to our next meeting you can simply turn up on the day and we always welcome participation from as many parents as possible. Your time and commitment is, of course, voluntary.

The PTA has an official committee of active members. There are 12 official seats for which members need to nominate themselves and be voted in. The PTA will hold an AGM wherein all re-elections and/or new nominations for committee members take place. This is also when the PTA will present its audited accounts, as well as a report on all events from that year.

If you would like to know more, have any questions or suggestions, the PTA can be contacted at



Part of the Childrens Parade 2016- Alice in Wonderland theme

PTA – The year past and the year ahead

The PTA had its Annual General Meeting last week and we looked back a what was a very productive year. We would like to share with you some of the highlights. The Year Past The PTA raised £3,390.00 in the past year. Especially noteworthy were the recent £570.00 which...

PTA – latest updates

The PTA has hit the ground the ground running coming back from the holiday break. So here is a little summary of what we have been up to, and what we the plans are for the months to come. Past Achievements We have just held a very successful Jumble Sale with a table...

Calendar of Events

The Brighton Steiner School PTA Annual Calendar of Events September 2016 – August 2017 September 2016 Apple Festival (cancelled) October 2016 8th    School Work Day (PTA cooking a meal) 11th Committee meeting 7.30pm (CLASSROOM TBC) November 2016 9TH  @ 8.30am ~...

Gearing up for Christmas!

After the summery break, the PTA is back in full swing and we are proud to welcome to new members for our committee. Hazel and Mary are now part of the committee. Thanks for joining, we really needed reinforcements! Even though Halloween hasn't passed yet, backstage...

End of school year and summer celebration

The PTA had its last meeting of the school year on Tuesday 21st June so hold on to your hats as there is much going on and the holidays are fast approaching! The Jumble Sale was a success and raised good funds for classes 1 to 9, with the exception of classes 6 and 7...