Brighton Steiner School operates a pupil fee structure (2016/17) which endeavours to admit pupils to benefit from Steiner Waldorf education from as broad a financial background as possible. However, Steiner Waldorf schools in the UK receive no government funding or commercial sponsorship.

For this reason, parental financial contributions are essential for the running of the school. Brighton Steiner School operates a means-tested Reduced Financial Contribution (RFC) scheme. If you want to apply for an RFC please download an application form and post it to the attention of the finance offer.

Main School Contribution Details (Classes 1 – 10) 2016-17

2016-17 One Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4+ Child (ren) 12 Monthly  instalments
Application Fee £70 £35 £35 £35
 Refundable Deposit £200 £200 £200 £200
 Per Term £2,320 20% discount 30% discount Free £595

There is additionally a materials charge of £70 for the Lower/Middle School and £80 for the Upper School, payable per pupil per term.  Afternoon sessions (for children aged 3 – 9 yrs) are £5 per hour when prebooked, £6 per hour when not prebooked.

   Net Income Per Annum     Contribution Per Term Monthly instalments (12 months), incl. material charge
£40,000+ £2,320 £597.50
£30 – £40,000 £1,980 £512.50
£20 – £30,000 £1,750 £455
£14 – £20,000 £1,580 £412.50
Under £14,000 £1,300 £342.50

Early Years Contribution Details: We are registered with the Local Authority’s Early Years Free Entitlement scheme for all 3 and 4 year olds and also eligible 2 year olds, applicable from the beginning of the term after their 2nd or 3rd birthday until the end of the term in which they are 5 ie: 6 terms.  Entitlement is 15 hours per week, which can only be taken within specific hours.  The first 3 hours of each morning, from 8.40 to 11.40am is the free time and the remaining 1.5 hours are payable at £7.50 per hour – £11.25 per session.

3 sessions *£100 per month
4 sessions *£135 per month
5 sessions *£168 per month

*any payment are over 12 months and the normal admissions procedures apply. Please understand that due to the fact that a Steiner Waldorf kindergarten or playgroup education is carefully constructed and rhythmical, it is necessary for the children to all partake of the entire morning, from 8.40am to 1.10pm, together.  If you have any queries, please contact the bursar. Families will be invoiced a term in advance in the same way as for children who are not eligible. Terms are on average 12 weeks long, but do vary. * The monthly payments above are for your guidance only as you will be invoiced for the number of sessions that are available for your chosen days for that term. Please note that there are no rebates for absences. Weekly payments shown here are therefore Festivals and Welcome Breakfasts etc. are viewed and charged as a normal session.

Standard Contribution Details: Kindergarten (4-6 yrs): Families whose children are not eligible for the Early Years free entitlement will pay as follows over 12 months:

3 sessions £243.75 per month
4 sessions £292.50 per month
5 sessions £340.00 per month

Other Charges

Parent & Child £12 per session
Parent & Baby £8 per session
Afternoon Sessions £5 per hour if prebooked (£6/hr not prebooked)
Application Fee for Playgroup or Kindergarten £70 per applicant / £35 for additional child
Refundable Deposit for Playgroup or Kindergarten £200 per pupil
Materials Charge for Playgroup or Kindergarten £60 per pupil per term


Singing Tree Kindergarten  Per Session
for children eligible for Early Years funding £13.00
for children not eligible for Early Years funding £19.00
Forest Day (Friday) £13 / £19
Seahorse Parent & Child (18mths – 2½ years) £8

Payments Payments are by monthly Standing Order.

Afternoon Sessions and any additional lessons are charged termly in arrears.  All such invoices are due for payment immediately upon receipt and are not included in monthly instalments shown here.   There is no rebate for periods of absence.

Monthly Payment Scheme (over 12 months)  

All financial contributions must be paid by monthly standing order on either the 4th or the 18th of each month, from September to August. Other methods of payment can only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and a fee may be charged. 

Missed Payments

A £10 surcharge will be levied on missed payments

A £10 surcharge will be levied per reminder sent.

A £25 surcharge will be levied per each returned item. These extra charges must be paid immediately and not included in monthly calculations.

Contract Parents are required to sign a contract with the school, which outlines the conditions of entry and their responsibilities to the school.  By sending their children into school parents signify their agreement to these conditions.

Deposit Families joining the school are required to pay a one off deposit of £200 per pupil on acceptance of a place.  The school holds this deposit until such times as the child leaves the school when it is returned, providing there is no outstanding debt and proper notice of withdrawal is given. The deposit may also be used to pay for any damage caused or additional expenditure incurred due to the actions of the child.

Notice The school requires one full term’s notice of withdrawal in writing or one full term’s contribution in lieu of notice. Notice of withdrawal must be received by 9am on the first day of the Autumn Term for withdrawal at Christmas, the first day of the Spring Term for withdrawal at Easter and the first day of the Summer Term for withdrawal in July.