Financial Arrangements 2017-2018


Classes 1 to 10

Brighton Steiner School is an independent school where parents make a financial contribution towards the cost of providing Steiner Waldorf Education. Brighton Steiner School receives no government funding or commercial sponsorship.

Financial Contribution Structure for 2017/18:

Classes 1 to 10 Termly Monthly
For the first pupil £2,563.00 £672.79*
For a second pupil (20% discount) £2,050.00 £538.13*
For a third pupil (30% discount) £1,794.00 £470.93*

(not including materials charges and extras)


Reduced Financial Contributions:

In support of its ethos Brighton Steiner School administrates a means-tested Reduced Financial Contribution (RFC) scheme. If you want to apply for an RFC please download an application form and post it to the attention of the Finance Administrator. Please note that the maximum pupil fee contribution discount is currently 23.92% on the standard fee, therefore a termly fee contribution of £1,950.00.

Early Years

Brighton Steiner School Early Years is registered with the Local Authority’s Early Years Free Entitlement (EYFE) through both Brighton & Hove and East Sussex County Council for 3 and 4 year olds and some 2 year olds, which is applied from the beginning of the term after a child’s 3rd birthday until the end of term in which the child turns 5.


The Early Years Free Entitlement of 15 hours per week can only be taken within specific ‘stand-alone*’ hours and are subject to availability (additional information is administrated through school admissions,) we do not offer the 30hours entitlement. The Free Entitlement Hours are Monday to Friday 09:40hrs to 12:40hrs at the Brighton Site and 09:30hrs to 12:30hrs at the Falmer Site. Additional Sessions (outside of the ‘stand alone’ hours) are charged at £20.50 (Brighton Site) and £17.21 (Falmer Site) per day. Please note that any untaken EYFE may not be transferable to another setting.


Early Years (Brighton Site) Finance Schedule

Session Times Fee
Breakfast Club 08:00hrs to 08:30hrs £5.00
Early Years Full Standard Session 08:40hrs to 13:10hrs £32.50
Early Years (Stand Alone) Free Entitlement 09:40hrs to 12:40hrs Free*
Early Years Full (over 5yrs) Session… 08:40hrs to 13:10hrs £1,950 per Term
Afternoon Sessions 13:10hrs to 17:40hrs £10/hr**

Early Years (Falmer Site) Finance Schedule

Session Times Fee
Early Years Full Standard Session 09:00hrs to 13:00hrs £29.00
Early Years (Stand Alone) Free Entitlement 09:30hrs to 12:30hrs Free*
Early Years Full (over 5yrs) Session 09:00hrs to 13:00hrs £1,740 per Term
Afternoon Sessions (Monday) 13:10hrs to 17:40hrs £10/hr**

*subject to availability            ** £12.00/hr if not booked in advance          …Band E RFC

Please note that Steiner Waldorf Early Years Education is delivered as a whole curriculum to the child which recommends that all children participate in the full Early Years Session from 08:40hrs to 13:10hrs. If you have any queries, please contact the School Administrator.


Other Charges
Parent & Child £15 per session
Parent & Baby £10 per session
Afternoon Sessions and Afternoon Club


£10/hr (£35 per session) pre booked

£12/hr (£42 per session) drop in

Application Fee (per applicant) – 1st child £70.00
Application fee (per applicant) subsequent child £35.00
Refundable Deposit (per pupil) £200.00



Admin Charges One-Off Payment
Application Fee (per applicant) £70.00 for 1st child

£35.00 for subsequent siblings

Refundable deposit (per pupil) £200.00
Examination Enrolments/ extra lessons As invoice
Transfer Reports £20.00



Educational Extras Materials Charge Per Pupil Per Term
Early Years £60.00
Lower/Middle School £70.00
Upper School £80.00




Financial Contributions and other charges, such as educational visits and afternoon sessions, are invoiced termly in advance and are payable no later than the first day of the term to which they apply.


Payment can be made by monthly Standing Order over 12 months, payable on either the 4th or the 18th of each month – please note a 5% charge is levied for monthly payment terms.


Additional lessons are charged termly in arrears. All such invoices are due for payment immediately upon receipt.  There is no rebate for periods of absence.


Late Payment

A £10 surcharge is levied on all missed monthly payments. If a payment remains outstanding after the end of the month in which it is due the child/ren will not be able to return to school until payment is made.


A returned items penalty of £25.00 is charged per effect.



Parents are required to sign a contract with the school, which outlines the conditions of entry and their responsibilities to the school. By sending children into school parents signify their agreement to these conditions.



Families joining the school are required to pay a one-off deposit of £200 per pupil on acceptance of a place. The school holds this deposit until such times as the child leaves the school when it is returned, providing there is no outstanding debt and proper notice of withdrawal is given. The deposit may also be used to pay for any damage caused or additional expenditure incurred due to the actions of the child.



The school requires one full term’s notice of withdrawal, in writing to the Administrator, to be received no later than the first day of the child’s last term at the school, otherwise full term will be charged.