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Classes 9-10 (14 to 16 years)

The Steiner Upper School Curriculum covers geography, anthropology, biology, physics, chemistry, French, German, drama, music, history and craft. It provides the opportunity for students to develop a broad knowledge base through philosophical, practical and scientific inquiry, as well as preparing for GCSE examinations.

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To preserve the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum students are prepared for 7-9 GCSEs: English language, English literature, Maths, Chemistry, French (optional), German, Drama and Art. We also offer Physics GCSE as a 9 th option with additional tuition after school. There May be other subjects available depending on the pupils interest and tuition in and out of school. It is best to speak to the upper school teachers about this.

Upper School science is taught by specialist science teachers with backgrounds in secondary and tertiary teaching. The wide range of science covered includes telecommunication, mechanical forces, organic and inorganic chemistry, human biology and embryology. Each Main Lesson is taught in great depth including biographies, historical development, ethical and moral issues. The main practical scientific skills are learnt in our well equipped, purpose built laboratory.

The emphasis during these lessons is to build a relationship with the subject matter as well as to encourage the processing, observation, analysis and conclusion of data along with safe working practices and flexible, creative thinking.

The wide ranging main lesson blocks work often allows our students to go straight into many AS and A level studies without the need for an exam in a specific GCSE subject.

Getting the credentials needed for going on to the next stage of education is important but young people need much more than this. It is important to help them develop their own creativity and social skills and encourage them to take the initiative. This we achieve partly through engagement with the creative arts such as painting, woodwork, pottery, music and drama, and partly through the Main Lesson, where project work provides more scope for individual imagination than is usually possible in the narrow GCSE framework.

Brighton Steiner School Music Festival Sunday 8th July

  See poster with timings here: music festival with timings 2018 Dear school community, please see below the timetable for our second annual Music Festival on Sunday 8th July. Workshops can be booked through reception or, workshops are pre-book...