Upper School

14 to 16 years
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Classes 9-10 (14 to 16 years)

The Steiner Waldorf Upper School Curriculum covers English Language, Geography, Anthropology, Art, Literature, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, French, German, Drama, Music, History and Craft, plus Life Skills and Sport. It provides the opportunity for students to develop a broad knowledge base through philosophical, practical and scientific inquiry, as well as preparing for GCSE examinations.

Students are prepared for on average between 7 and 9 GCSEs: including English language, English literature, Maths, French (optional) , German, Drama and Art. Two sciences are also available within school, see below. Some students have additionally studied Biology with an external tutor and sat the exam, achieving A and A* results.

Upper School science is taught by specialist science teachers with backgrounds in secondary and tertiary teaching and students are able to take iGCSE Chemistry and Physics. The wide range of science covered includes telecommunication, mechanical forces, organic and inorganic chemistry, human biology and embryology. Each Main Lesson is taught in great depth including biographies, historical development, ethical and moral issues. The main practical scientific skills are learnt in our well equipped, purpose built laboratory.

The emphasis during these lessons is to build a relationship with the subject matter as well as to encourage the processing, observation, analysis and conclusion of data along with safe working practices and flexible, creative thinking.

Obtaining the credentials needed for going on to the next stage of education is important, but in reality young people need much more than this. It is important to help them develop their own creativity and social skills and encourage them to take the initiative. This we achieve partly through engagement with the creative arts such as painting, woodwork, pottery, music and drama, and partly through the Main Lesson, where project work provides more scope for individual imagination than is usually possible within the narrow GCSE framework. The students have a week of work experience in class 9.

Some of the impressive art GCSE coursework can be seen on the art page here. 

The Upper School Ethic

The Upper School Steiner Waldorf Curriculum is specifically designed to support the critical years of adolescence. Lessons are taught by specialist subject teachers, one of whom – the class guardian – will be responsible for the pastoral care of the class. The Steiner ethos of co-operation and mutual respect continues and students learn the balance between freedom and responsibility in order to take their place in the world with confidence and self-awareness. This vital move towards independence is nurtured in an environment, which fosters self-discipline. The  curriculum together with teaching methods support the student’s emerging self and sense of belonging.

Brighton Steiner School Music Festival Sunday 8th July

  See poster with timings here: music festival with timings 2018 Dear school community, please see below the timetable for our second annual Music Festival on Sunday 8th July. Workshops can be booked through reception or katrin.flute@gmail.com, workshops are pre-book...

Early Years News from the Administrator: Little Kindergarten now taking children from 2 years 6 months.

I am pleased to inform you that a variation of the Schools Registration has been processed which now permits it to enrol children from the age of 2 years 6 months. In keeping with this change in admissions the school will now be accepting applications (from the Spring...

March 5th- Whole School Workday

WHOLE SCHOOL COMMUNITY WORKDAY AT  THE BRIGHTON STEINER SCHOOL ALL WELCOME!  BRING YOUR CHILDREN TOO! On Saturday 5th March 10am – 2pm. ·    We shall all participate in gardening / cleaning / painting / sorting tasks (indoors and out). ·    Then clear up and stand...