Class 8

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Class 8

Class 8 sees the conclusion of the middle school cycle, where the pupil makes preparations for Upper School life and enters into the final stages of their formal education. The emphasis of the curriculum here is a gathering and rounding off of subject matters, together with the formalisation of new skills to assist the individual in a more cognitive pursuit of learning. With the advent of the Upper School comes the approaching GCSE syllabus, where the student is called upon to make an analytical appreciation of their successes.

The Main Lesson cycles are still assisting the individual’s development towards adulthood and through the gates of adolescence, with the introduction of great themes of history and economic political events. The pupils celebrate mankind’s extremes at a time where their own realities are broadening out, and personal conflicts in thought and emotion, together with great physical change have to be accommodated. The Steiner Curriculum permits the pupil to find the space for their own development while producing continued learning.

The world plain opens out through the introduction of economic history and revolutions, in which the pupil gains an awareness of the conflicts through development in which man needs to find balance, for example the British Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution. Detail is explored in mathematics through the development of algebraic formulas and equations, with the incorporation of graphs and statistics. In geography the circuit of mankind’s accomplishments is celebrated through in-depth appreciation of the Americas and beyond, where the globe has now been circumnavigated and a bright new vista opens out before society. In chemistry and meteorology the details of processes are observed, again providing a balance to that which is actually occurring for the pupil in their own personal development.

The final stage of the class journey and the celebration of its experience with the class teacher takes the form of a class play, arising out of the main lesson cycles on language and literature and is seen as the synthesis of the educational pathway that the pupils have explored, guided through the teaching of their class teacher over the last seven years. In a true sense the cycle of the middle years is complete, starting from the dawn of mankind’s awakening, in the world of fairy tale and legend in Class 1, with the foundation introduction to numbers, letters and form; to the end point where the student stands at the dawn of modern mankind, equipped with the learning tools to go forward into complicated thought processes and take hold of the scientific age.

The last days in Class 8 are a reflection of the time and space traveled for the adults that have accompanied the children, an emotional time of farewells and well-wishing. For the pupils, as with anyone preparing for a new journey, there is excitement that a new life in the Upper School is beginning.


Brighton Steiner School Music Festival Sunday 8th July

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Early Years News from the Administrator: Little Kindergarten now taking children from 2 years 6 months.

I am pleased to inform you that a variation of the Schools Registration has been processed which now permits it to enrol children from the age of 2 years 6 months. In keeping with this change in admissions the school will now be accepting applications (from the Spring...

March 5th- Whole School Workday

WHOLE SCHOOL COMMUNITY WORKDAY AT  THE BRIGHTON STEINER SCHOOL ALL WELCOME!  BRING YOUR CHILDREN TOO! On Saturday 5th March 10am – 2pm. ·    We shall all participate in gardening / cleaning / painting / sorting tasks (indoors and out). ·    Then clear up and stand...