Class 6

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Class 6

During Class 6 the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum seeks to stimulate the child’s growing curiosity about the world they live in. While studying the natural sciences (geography, geology, botany and physics) the teacher directs attention to the laws of natural phenomena. In physics, for example, we look at gravity, magnetism, heat, light and sound. In geography we investigate the configurations of the earth’s layers and landmasses, focusing on Europe, her peoples and cultures. The Geology Main Lesson concentrates on discovering the substance and materials of land and looks into the varied climates and vegetation round the globe.

Through the study of history the children encounter the natural law of cause and effect.  Their growing capacity to think causally is deepened by sequencing of the subject matter so that the past can be seen as a meaningful process leading up to present times. In this journey it becomes evident that the human race has played a profoundly influential role in shaping history. We begin with the study of Alexander the Great and move on to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and culminate in the Middle Ages and Islam.

The craft curriculum interweaves with the historical subjects through the creation of mosaics based on Roman relics. We also explore the Geography Main Lesson through the clay modelling of Europe and her countries and expand geology through the modelling of rock and land formations. Botany is researched through the observation of plants and natural forms in still-life drawing and in painting the vegetation found in different climatic regions.

In mathematics the children are encouraged to develop their increasing interest in accuracy. High standards are set for the presentation of geometric drawings and constructed shapes. Artistic abilities are developed by using colour and pattern to enhance shapes while simultaneously becoming familiar with the practice of fundamental mathematical laws.

Practical business mathematics is studied so the children begin to understand how the world of business and finance works. The concepts of interest, percentages, discounts, exchange, V.A.T. and profit and loss are learned and applied practically as the children plan, produce and sell a product through their own business venture.

The English curriculum builds on the study of grammar made in the previous year. The focus moves to direct and indirect speech and verb tenses. The foundations of good essay writing are forged and then applied across the curriculum when describing physics experiments, writing synopses of historical accounts and so forth.

The children’s imaginations are fueled by the writing of poetry, stories and through the recitation of poetic ballads and prose whose roots stem from the world of nature and historic events.

Brighton Steiner School Music Festival Sunday 8th July

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Early Years News from the Administrator: Little Kindergarten now taking children from 2 years 6 months.

I am pleased to inform you that a variation of the Schools Registration has been processed which now permits it to enrol children from the age of 2 years 6 months. In keeping with this change in admissions the school will now be accepting applications (from the Spring...

March 5th- Whole School Workday

WHOLE SCHOOL COMMUNITY WORKDAY AT  THE BRIGHTON STEINER SCHOOL ALL WELCOME!  BRING YOUR CHILDREN TOO! On Saturday 5th March 10am – 2pm. ·    We shall all participate in gardening / cleaning / painting / sorting tasks (indoors and out). ·    Then clear up and stand...