Class 4

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Class 4

The curriculum for Class 4 reflects the mid-point of the child’s journey through the Lower School. The child is in a true sense at the halfway point towards adulthood, and the curriculum reflects this in many ways. There is a gradual shift this year. There is still the imaginative and fantasy-led narrative in the form of history studies of ancient cultures and myths, such as the Norse and Teutonic myths and legends, but now the relationsof these mythical figures are explored to understand how situations and events produce certain outcomes. This theme of growing self-awareness is further continued in the Man and Animal Main Lesson, where the relationship between the two is explored to gain a living understanding of how mankind occupies the world in relationship to other living creatures.


Continuing this process of detailed discovery in the exploration of grammar, a dissection of language’s living components is made and the structures of the written word are learnt. Likewise the basic introductions to mathematics that were accepted in previous years are developed into fractions and complex divisions and multiplications.

This contraction into detail is celebrated and expanded through the growth of local geography and history. The synthesis of these broad subjects permits the child to find a balance with growing complexity against the expanding backdrop of the world. In this way the curriculum meets the developmental needs of the individual as well as furnishing a deeper understanding and growth through learning. These new vistas of detailed appreciation are maintained in all areas of the pupils’ activity, so that the subject lessons complement the work accomplished during Main Lessons. For example, in handwork the children are introduced to the complexities of four-needle knitting and the dexterities involved in cross-stitch.

By the conclusion of Class 4, pupils will have gained a full foundation of learning and will be prepared to take on the growing complexities of the Steiner Curriculum as they move up the School.

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