Class 3

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Class 3

The Class 3 curriculum is designed to meet the changing needs of the 8 to 9 year old child who is seen as ‘crossing the Rubicon’ or going through an important transitional stage in their path towards adulthood. At the ninth year the child becomes, sometimes quite suddenly, aware of him or her self as a separate identity. This can be accompanied by fears of being alone, of death, of loss and even feelings of inadequacy or depression. The Steiner Waldorf Curriculum takes this delicate threshold stage into consideration and provides subject matter that is reassuring but also challenging. Children are encouraged to step back to consider and study the world anew from a different perspective. They are helped to exercise their new powers of objectivity and their ability to make judgments in addition to experiencing a greater sense of self-sufficiency.

English focuses on basic spelling rules and grammar and elements of language composition. In mathematics, much practice is given to mental arithmetic and learning the times tables from 1 up to 12 by heart. The four number processes are expanded upon and there is a first look at economics. The transition from the barter system to a monetary economy is studied and handling of money calculations, linking back to the four number processes.

Measurement is another theme, in which children examine body measurement – using feet, spans, thumbs etc.; standardised measurements – imperial and metric; and time measurement – the 24-hour clock, seasons, months, weeks, years, days. A very popular topic is farming. Pupils learn about the historical development of farming, how it links to the seasons, the practicalities of sowing, tending, harvesting and storing crops and the importance of working with nature. A farm visit provides an opportunity to see animal husbandry and the basics of food production in progress.

For the Building Main Lesson, building methods throughout history are studied, and modern building basics (foundations, brickwork, carpentry, roofing etc.). The class will also take on a practical project to provide a real experience of building, for instance a small wooden house in the school playground or the construction of a yurt. Other Main Lesson topics include Old Testament stories such as the Creation; the Fall of Man and the expulsion from paradise; and the relationship between the Old Testament God and Man.

In music, the basic notations are taught through reading and composing exercises.

Brighton Steiner School Music Festival Sunday 8th July

  See poster with timings here: music festival with timings 2018 Dear school community, please see below the timetable for our second annual Music Festival on Sunday 8th July. Workshops can be booked through reception or, workshops are pre-book...

Early Years News from the Administrator: Little Kindergarten now taking children from 2 years 6 months.

I am pleased to inform you that a variation of the Schools Registration has been processed which now permits it to enrol children from the age of 2 years 6 months. In keeping with this change in admissions the school will now be accepting applications (from the Spring...