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Classes 1 and 2

In Classes 1 and 2 the day is filled with a variety of activities. Each child is greeted warmly by the class teacher at the door. This opportunity to make eye contact and shake hands on the threshold re-establishes the relationship between pupil and teacher and anchors the classroom as a place of learning. Then a verse is spoken by the whole group, followed by singing, speech exercises, poetry recitation, movement, rhythmic games, and playing the recorder.

The Main Lessons will be centred on writing and number work. Writing is taught before reading. The letters are introduced imaginatively, first in pictures and then associated with a story. The children use colours and are taught to write beautifully. Joined-up handwriting is practiced in Class 2.

In Class 1 the children are introduced to numbers and their qualities. They have fun counting with fingers and acorns or small stones. They do plenty of mental arithmetic and learn the multiplication tables. The four arithmetical processes are taught up to 100 in Class 1 and 1000 in Class 2.

The children have experience of the difference between straight lines and curves and observe the forms in which they can be found – the square, the triangle, the circle and things around them. They learn much through movement, modeling and stepping as well as the writing of numbers and sums. Freehand drawing of forms, which will lead to geometry, is practiced with big crayons; rulers and sharp pencils will come later.

Each Main Lesson ends with a traditional story told (not read) by the class teacher and it will be recalled by the children on the following day. In Class 2 the fables and legends of the saints are included.

There is a painting lesson once a week and specialist teachers come in for French and German, Eurythmy (creative movement) and handwork. Much gentle encouragement is given to mastering tasks such as the fastening of shoes and coats, taking care of possessions and participating with the other children.

Brighton Steiner School Music Festival Sunday 8th July

  See poster with timings here: music festival with timings 2018 Dear school community, please see below the timetable for our second annual Music Festival on Sunday 8th July. Workshops can be booked through reception or, workshops are pre-book...

Early Years News from the Administrator: Little Kindergarten now taking children from 2 years 6 months.

I am pleased to inform you that a variation of the Schools Registration has been processed which now permits it to enrol children from the age of 2 years 6 months. In keeping with this change in admissions the school will now be accepting applications (from the Spring...