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7 to 10 years
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IMG_2147Classes 1-4 (7 to 10 years)


At the age of 7 pupils enter the Main School, where they will stay with the same class teacher for eight years, building a strong relationship of mutual respect. Steiner teachers are dedicated to creating a genuine love of learning within each pupil. They work in partnership with parents to foster the holistic development of the child and consciously cultivate qualities such as trust, compassion and an inner moral sense.

Academic learning is introduced in Class 1, beginning with writing, and then reading, and number work. In the younger classes, all subjects are introduced through artistic mediums, as this engages pupils to greater effect: art, music and drama are part of the daily life of the School. Languages are important in the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum and pupils are taught French and German by native speakers from the age of 7.

The Main Lesson is a fundamental feature of Steiner Waldorf Education. It is taught by the class teacher in 3 to 4 week modules, covering literacy, numeracy, history, geography, music and science. There are no textbooks as such in the first few years. Effectively pupils produce their own textbooks in their Main Lesson workbooks, which record their experiences and what they have learned.

Learning in a Steiner Waldorf school is a non-competitive activity. There are no grades given in the Lower School; the class teacher and specialist subject teachers write a detailed evaluation of each pupil at the end of the year and keep regular records of his/her progress.

By the conclusion of Class 4, pupils will have gained a full foundation of learning and will be prepared to take on the growing complexities of the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum as they move up the School.

Brighton Steiner School Music Festival Sunday 8th July

  See poster with timings here: music festival with timings 2018 Dear school community, please see below the timetable for our second annual Music Festival on Sunday 8th July. Workshops can be booked through reception or katrin.flute@gmail.com, workshops are pre-book...