The Life Sciences

In adolescence, as pupils make the transition from childhood to adulthood, lifeskills sessions create an atmosphere where each student can safely explore, express and challenge their inner views and opinions and discuss difficult issues. Students are in a period of readjustment with regard to both individuality and relationships with the world and other people and experience times of personal development when their emotional, intellectual and physical lives are transformed.

Drug Awareness

Sessions raise awareness of both psychological and physiological addiction, what drugs are, how they work and the reasons why young people experiment. The subject matter covers tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs. There is so much confusing and misleading information around that it is important to dispel myths and obtain factual and helpful information. Students have the opportunity to research and present findings to the whole group and practise essential research, presentation and communication skills.

Sex Education

Sessions raise awareness of teenage pregnancy, STIs and HIV, safer sex practices, alcohol/drugs and sex. These issues are addressed through discussions, question and answer sessions, group workshops and role play.

Class 9 Work Experience

After exploratory discussions about career ambitions and individual skills, local employers are contacted and placements are secured. Students are encouraged to keep their options open and learn from all experiences of the work place.

External Resources

Guest speakers from a variety of health, social and business backgrounds are invited to elaborate on issues raised and discussed in previous workshops and lessons. Students also attend sessions in places of work to explore elements of particular organisations.


Formally-managed debates around emotive topics help students to be aware of the differences between objective and subjective exchanges. Listening and questioning skills are practised. These sessions allow students to make public their (often very strong) ideals, challenge those of others and be challenged in a safe environment.