The Autumn Term has started with positive energy and pupils are already immersed in a wider and rich variety of learning activities and cultural and social experiences.

Class 1 (Pupil Age 7)

We have begun to look at straight lines, starting by creating straight lines using all sorts of objects that we found in our class room. Soon the children will begin form drawing and practicing their straight lines and curves in readiness to practice cultivating beautiful hand writing in their main lesson books.





Class 2 (Pupil Age 8)

Have been creating some wonderful bookwork as they learn the tale of the king of island’s son. In the mornings they have been busy filling their books with form drawing and maths equations.




Class 3 (Pupil Age 9)

The children have begun the term with a Main Lesson on Literacy. Starting with the Old Testament they are studying the creation story of Adam & Eve and have already produced some incredible book work.






Class 4 & 5 (Pupil Age 10 & 11)

The children are looking at Human Being & Animal for their main lesson this September. Although classes 4 & 5 are both receiving varying lessons they all enjoyed the return of the visiting zoo together where they met snakes, ferrets, rabbits and reptiles alike.







Class 6 & 7 (Pupil Age 12 & 13)

The class has started the year by studying magnets and electricity, from the discovery of the lodestone in ancient times to the behaviour of a balloon charged with static. The next step will be to see the link between the two forces.







Class 8 (Pupil Age 14)

Are studying anatomy and are very fortunate to have a real skeleton to observe











Class 9 (Pupil Age 15)

Are studying the fundamentals of Chemistry; the particles that make up Atoms, and how we think the elements are arranged on it are arranged in the atom. They are using Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of Elements and learning the factors that decide how the elements are arranged on it. They are also learning the difference between Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, and how elements combine to form compounds. In art the children have begun their still life paintings.







Class 10 (Pupil Age 16)

Are studying Shakespeare in English. Their main lesson books are beautiful, creative and really show the diverse and individual way they respond to the subject.