The kindergartens have been on their summer beach trips this term. Singing Tree Kindergarten had their first ever beach trip and went to Saltdean.

The children went rock-pooling and exploring. What a reward for a still child to see a few brave shrimps scuttle out from under the rocks. Delight was followed with a wet bottom as the young engrossed child  sat in the warm rock pool (waterproofs and all whilst still delighted and engrossed), watching the delicate translucent creatures. He did not even notice or mind that he was sat in the water! Oh well, quick change before the picnic on the beach.

The following day a child told me that getting wet was their favourite bit of the trip!
Adults benefit by sometimes reconnecting with the magic of childhood.
Everything can be fun and wondrous if we have the right attitude! Among other treasures found: an empty spider crab shell, crabs legs, interesting pebbles and lots of tiny green fairy treasures.
Jasmin, Singing tree Kindergarten Teacher

See the pictures and our Facebook post here.