Class 9 cycle 230 miles to Paris and back.

Well done to class 9 for their amazing feat of cycling all the way to Paris and back again. They cycled between 35 and 71 miles each day, over 5 days showing great stamina, determination and fitness. They went the wrong way, got punctures, got saddle sore, broke two bikes and cycled under a hot sun with smiles on their faces and a great spirit of respect for each other. We cycled across stunning French countryside, visited a Patisserie for ‘extra’ breakfast each day and travelled through beautiful towns and villages until reaching Villennes sur Seine in the suburbs of Paris. We spent a day sightseeing in Paris including going up the Eiffel tower and seeing the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame. On the return ferry, even the ‘pro’ cyclists were impressed by the classes’ feat. A class camp to remember!