Theatre Trip – Classes 7 & 8
On Friday 26 May I had the pleasure of escorting a group of enthusiastic teenagers to the theatre! We travelled, courtesy of the no 27 bus, to Brighton’s own Open Air Theatre, in Dyke Road Park. There, in glorious sunshine, we watched the fabulous Lord Chamberlain’s Men perform Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors.
Class 7/8 were beautifully behaved and very appreciative. Here are a few comments taken from their Reviews:

‘I thought The Comedy of Errors was a fantastic production; it was fun, funny and memorable. Each member of the cast gave their character personality and one of the things
I really liked about the production was that there was lots of detail. For instance, with both sets of twins their costumes looked the same but when you looked closely they were actually subtle opposites. I think one of the lovely things about it being an outdoor theatre is that with every performance the mood could be completely different, depending on the weather… There
was an amazing moment when TONS of elm seeds started falling from the trees and onto the stage and audience, which made it, feel so much more natural.

I really loved the whole day and thought the play was amazing.’  Class 8 pupil

‘… Once we’d arrived, we sat down in front of the stage and ate our lunch. The play began with the cast singing. At first I wondered, “Why are we watching some Shakespearian boy band perform?” But then it got much better. The play is about two sets of twins that were separated at birth. One half ended up
with the mother and the other with the father. Most of the play is about all the mix-ups that go on. It is a fun and amusing play. At first I was extremely sceptical about an all-male
production but the actors pulled it off brilliantly.’ Class 8 pupil

‘… Since there are two of each, two twin masters and two twin servants, the wrong servant finds his “master” and vice versa. Also, one of the masters has a wife but the other does not. So, for example, the wife sends the right servant to find her husband, but he finds the wrong one; he is then taken home by the wife – and the servant is told to guard the gates.
Meanwhile, her real husband isn’t allowed in. This sort of thing continues to happen throughout the play and at the end the twins are reunited and so are the wife and her husband.
I thought the play was done very well and I enjoyed the trip, even if it was a bit hot. I thought they did very well with the singing too.’  Cl 8 pupil

‘…The actors engaged with the audience and spoke their lines well. I would recommend them to anyone.’ Class 8 pupil

‘…I loved the play, the humour in it was great but most of all I loved the singing! I think the idea for this story is wonderful; Shakespeare truly had a brilliant mind…’ Class 8 pupil

‘…I loved how our seats were around the stage so we were connected to the actors. I also loved how the Class got to eat while they were watching the play…’  Class 7 pupil

‘ I found the setting was very natural, due to the stage being outside. It was also quite intimate because of the size of the theatre… At the beginning and at times throughout the play they did a cappella singing and used their bodies as percussion-like instruments. The actors were able to put the story across and really bring out the comedy.’  Class 7 pupil

Well done Class 7/8!
Lesley (Upper School English Teacher)

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