The PTA is gearing up for the Promise Auction on the 17th of May. Tickets are on sale and prizes are starting to come in. It does promise to be a really fun night, complete with food and drinks. Please buy your tickets, make your pledges and let’s get talking about this exciting event.

The Sponsored Walk was blessed with a glorious sunny day and almost fifty children enjoyed a nice day at the park and some comforting food at the finish line. Please remember to  hand in your sponsorship proceedings as soon as possible. A big thanks to all who took part, well done!

Our next event is the ever-popular outdoor Jumble Sale on the 10th of June. Setup is on Friday and help is always welcome as there is usually loads to sort out. Let’s all keep making this event a success and a great get-together of our beautiful community.

Giving Back

The funds raise by the PTA continue to make your wishes come true. The children and teachers have been finding endless play and learning uses for the planks and tyres on the playground. We also helped fund the new Eurythmy costumes lovingly made by Kelly. Next on the list are a set of world globes, cooking utensils and more. Check out our Wish List board in the main building!

Our next meeting takes place on the 19th of June and will be the last of the school year. All are welcome to pop in and find out more about what we do and how you can help!