Well done Class 10 for a great Art exhibition.

GCSE Art 2016 Ines 1

Ines was inspired to depict the devastation and destruction of the Syrian landscape. She used paint, collage, sand and grit.

GCSE art 2016 Ines 2

GCSE art 2016 Ines 3

GCSE art 2016 Ines 4


Matthew’s passion for football is here in his self portrait collageĀ and in his exam piece of an abstract representation of a football match
GCSE Art 2016 Matthew 1

GCSE Art 2016 Matthew 2

He also worked on a mural in the classroom inspired by the work of Bridget Riley


GCSE Art 2016 Matthew 4GCSE Art 2016 Matthew 3

Lulu’s “past, present and/or future” exam piece was a large oil painting of the history of dance.

GCSE Art 2016 LULU 1

GCSE Art 2016 LULU 2

Lulu also worked on a theme about jellyfish and produced amongst other pieces this Whimsical image of jellyfish and Chinese lanterns.

GCSE Art 2016 LULU 3

She also worked in wire to make this jellyfish.
GCSE Art 2016 LULU 4

Ilona worked on a variety of landscapesGCSE Art 2016 Ilona 1
Combining a self portraitGCSE Art 2016 Ilona 2 And exploring the idea of the body as landscape.GCSE Art 2016 Ilona 3